A group dance class is a great opportunity to connect with new friends and share the joy of movement together. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in a group class or simply want to improve your dance technique and performance levels, a private class might be a perfect fit for you!

A private dance class provides the opportunity to work one-on-one with a teacher who is committed to helping the dancer achieve their goals at their own pace and in privacy. This was one of the main reasons that motivated Lisa to sign-up her son Cole, who is one of our DAM dancers in Alliston, to take private lessons with Jade Ryan, our Director of Inclusion & Operations. “We thought we would try it out as the group lessons had been fine, but I wondered if Cole would do better on his own”, says Lisa. “I have wanted him to have private lessons for a while now and had not been able to arrange them.”

Since Jade and Cole had never met before, it took them a few lessons to get to know each other. Once they built rapport, classes turned into Cole’s favourite activity of the week!  “He has really blossomed with his private instruction”, celebrates Lisa. “I can see that his dancing has truly improved”.

In fact, with private dance lessons, the dancer can enjoy the individual attention from an Occupational Therapist or Dance Instructor to achieve their goals. “I have learned the best way to communicate with Cole and meet him where he is at”, says Jade. “Some days Cole may need some assistance with transitioning into his dance class routine, so using a few slower and familiar songs to motivate him usually helps.  Other weeks, Cole has shown so much growth with his independence in connecting to his dance class, arranging his space, and being prepared to get moving, that I can provide new activities and challenge his movement quality! We’ve been working on steps that involve crossing midline, weight shifting for targeting balance, and incorporating different ways of turning his body to complete a full circle. Ultimately, we just have a lot of FUN!”

Dancers can also improve skills beyond their dance technique. According to Lisa, taking private classes has also made Cole more independent. “He wants me to stay out of the family room. He has even started putting the rug back after class is over.”

Time flexibility is another advantage of a private dance class. Rather than having to fit into a group class schedule, the dancer can schedule their classes according to the teacher availability and their own timelines.

Private lessons have provided a unique experience during COVID-19 to also continue celebrating achievements with family. Cole’s grandmother and aunt joined for a virtual holiday session to watch him perform since they weren’t able to see him in person. “Cole really enjoyed having his grandmother and aunt attend a class over zoom. They are always there for his big moments”, says Lisa. “It was truly a special event.”

Lisa is so happy with Cole’s experience with private classes that even when Covid is over, she would like for him to continue his private lessons with Jade, even over Zoom. “The private class lets him focus better and gives him the individual attention he needs.”

As you can see, private dance classes are awesome if you want to get customized lessons, progress at your own pace and have the convenience of scheduling.


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