Mallory Ryan

Director of Quality & Development

Lead Occupational Therapist & Mentor

Jade Ryan

Director of Inclusion & Operations

Host Studio & Workshop
Lead Occupational Therapist

Cooper DuPre

Administration & Volunteer Coordinator

Clara Pina

Communications & Family-Centered Care Lead

  • Emma Greenberg

Emma Greenberg

OT Reg. (Ont.) Occupational Therapist

DAM Ambassador Program Coordinator
Primary OT: Creative Children’s Dance Centre – Toronto
& June Lawrence School of Dance – Mississauga

Elyse Goodfield

OT Reg. (Ont.) Occupational Therapist

Primary OT: JCB Danceworks – Richmond Hill

Amanda Messina

OT Reg. (Ont.) Occupational Therapist

Primary OT: The Dance Workshop – Alliston
& Elite Dance Corps. – Bradford

Mara Malowzewski

OT Reg. (Ont.) Occupational Therapist

Supply Occupational Therapist (Virtual)

  • Yvonne Nichols

Yvonne Nichols

Dance Instructor

Community Workshops, Privates, & Class Instructor (VIRTUAL)
Creative Children’s Dance Centre Instructor (IN-PERSON)

Kayla Prior

Dance & Fitness Instructor

Fit & Fun Instructor (VIRTUAL)
Dance Elite Instructor (IN-PERSON)

  • Devon Lewis

Devon Lewis

Dance Instructor

Virtual Class Instructor

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