Making the Connection: A Student Occupational Therapist Perspective

As a student occupational therapist, one of the main concepts that have been instilled in me is the profound impact that engaging in meaningful activities has on one’s health and wellbeing. When you break down this idea, it truly does make sense as our lives are made up of doing things we like, or need to do, on a daily basis. Quite simply, if we have opportunities to engage in activities we enjoy doing, our physical and mental health will reap the benefits. As the Dance Ability Movement was founded by occupational therapists, it only makes sense that their philosophy [...]

#KeepDancingChallenge – Week 10: Feels like home when we are dancing with you!

The dance studio has always been like a second home to us. Now that we are not able to be physically together, we felt so honoured being welcomed into your home so we can keep dancing virtually. Let's keep dancing this week at home to the choreography our dancers and volunteers have put together to the song "Feels Like Home" by Sigala! Many thanks to our dancers, teachers and volunteers who submitted a video! We loved to see your positive energy and cool moves! Check out the video on our YouTube channel: Feels like home when we are dancing [...]

#KeepDancingChallenge – Week 9: Come dance with us to brighten up your day!

Missing the sweetness to your day? If you feel your moves lack flavour, let us show you that dancing is a piece of cake! Come dance “Kid in a Candy Store” by JoJo Siwa with us to brighten up your day! A big shout out to all our dancers, teachers and volunteers who participated in this week’s video and created the sweetest moves! We would like to dedicate this choreography to JoJo Siwa, who is celebrating a birthday TODAY! May all the joy that you have been spreading through your music and dance come back to you on this day. [...]

Dance has the power to warm and move the heart – A reflection from Crystal Chan

An important aspect of inclusion is empathy. When we are able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, it allows us to create bonds of trust, it gives us insights into what others may be feeling or thinking, and it helps us understand how or why others are reacting to situations. In the interview below, Crystal Chan, Occupational Therapist who volunteered with The Dance Ability Movement for five years, shows how EMPATHY, combined with her passion for dance and occupational therapy, helped her better support Hayley, one of our dancers from Bradford, during the Take the Lead Workshop. If you [...]

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#KeepDancingChallenge – Week 8: Join us in celebrating all of the mom figures of our wonderful community!

This week’s video is a special one! In honour of Mother’s Day, we are celebrating all of the mom figures of our wonderful community. We were blown away by the energy and talent of everyone who participated in this special choreography! Every look, every move and every smile filled our hearts with joy and reminded us of how dance can connect us in such a beautiful way! A big thank you to all moms who joined our dancers and staff in this week’s video. A huge shout out to Jade and Mallory’s mom, who is our DAM’s number one fan [...]

Week 7 of our #KeepDancingChallenge – What do you do when you miss your friends?

What do you do when you miss your friends? We DANCE! On this week’s #KeepDancingChallenge video, we had a lot of fun dancing with some of our friends from the Special Friends Network! A heartfelt thank you to Elaine Cray from Special Friends Network for organizing the virtual dance party and to everybody who participated in this week’s video! Check it out on our YouTube channel: How about practising this choreography at home and throwing a virtual dance party with your friends?