Private Dance Classes: Customized Lessons to Help You Achieve Your Goals at Your Own Pace!

A group dance class is a great opportunity to connect with new friends and share the joy of movement together. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in a group class or simply want to improve your dance technique and performance levels, a private class might be a perfect fit for you! A private dance class provides the opportunity to work one-on-one with a teacher who is committed to helping the dancer achieve their goals at their own pace and in privacy. This was one of the main reasons that motivated Lisa to sign-up her son Cole, who is one of [...]

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Congratulations Amy Davis on being February’s volunteer of the month!

Amy was nominated by one of our DAM instructors for going above and beyond. She came to us through a school program where she is working on learning more about how dance and Occupational Therapy (OT) can come together to spread inclusion to more places. Her FUTURE as an OT has given her a unique perspective coming into our program. She is able to work with instructors and other volunteers to support current and new programs to keep dancers moving and to specifically target movement goals. Amy has shown great initiative in classes, jumping in with feedback and activities to [...]

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Making Your Virtual Dance Party a Magical Experience!

The birthday girls and their family dancing together and having fun! Just because we’re self-isolating doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate the birthdays that are happening! With a little bit of creativity, we can still bring families and friends together to celebrate your birthday with lots of dance and fun! Although the Covid-19 outbreak has presented new challenges in the last year, Cindy, one of our dancers’ mom, wanted to do something special for her twin daughters’ birthday. However, she was trying to figure out ways to include her girls’ friends in the celebration, so they could have fun [...]

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Families are at the Heart of what we do!

Click on the image for the PDF version  The Dance Ability Movement is a community made up of dancers, volunteers, teachers and occupational therapists who are involved in classes together to share in the joy of dance and let their inner dancer shine. However, all of this is only possible because of the families that surround our dancers. Parents, siblings, and caregivers who know and love their dancer and support them each and every day to be who they are! We truly believe that families are at the heart of our community, keeping the pulse of all that [...]

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Congratulations Ashley Auger on being our January Volunteer of the Month!

Ashley began volunteering in the summer with our virtual classes and has continued into this season online with our HDSA classes and in-person at Dance Elite. She has shown such a strong commitment to her role, with perfect attendance.  Her warm and welcoming personality makes class FUN for all the dancers. With a genuine approach, Ashley has quickly made FRIENDS with dancers her age, and has become such a great role model for our younger dancers. Ashley is always prepared for the FUTURE, remembering from week to week what the dance moves are, and jumping in to help others remember as well! Ashley [...]

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Get Your Little Ones Moving and Having Fun at Home!

Sign-up now for our 10-week Virtual Tots/Kids classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings! Kids will explore fundamental movement skills by focusing on their interests through creative movement, using a variety of dance styles such as Ballet basics and upbeat Hip Hop moves. These classes are a great opportunity for dancers to develop coordination, rhythmicity, and social skills with peers through the elements of dance. Freestyle opportunities to develop self-expression and confidence are a key component of these classes. Our online classes are facilitated on Zoom by one of our team members, and taught by our qualified instructors. All classes are [...]

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