Interested in working for us as an Occupational Therapist?

We are currently looking for an Occupational Therapist to provide services in Alliston. Dance classes primarily take place on Fridays (October – May) and the candidate may provide anywhere between 2-10 hours a week of in-person or remote support. Why Work with Us? Working with The Dance Ability Movement is more than just a job. It’s [...]

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Volunteer Coordination Opportunity!

We are currently looking for an engaging, organized, and enthusiastic individual to provide support for our volunteer coordination. The volunteer coordinator carries out various tasks related to recruitment, screening, retention, support, and appreciation of volunteers. There is the potential for consistent work ranging from approximately 2-10 hours/week. Flexibility with scheduling and availability on some evenings/weekends [...]

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Congratulations Serena Egidio on being April’s Volunteer of the Month!

Serena joined our virtual volunteer team in the summer of 2021 and our CCDC team when we returned to in-person classes in the fall, and we couldn’t be happier to have her! Serena takes on a strong and valued leadership role on the team. She is always ready to jump right in and ensure dance [...]

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Congratulations Jalen Yang on being February’s Volunteer of the Month!

Jalen joined our virtual volunteer team in 2020 and we have only watched her grow since then! Jalen always comes to class with a smile, ready to take on any additional roles thrown her way. She is eager to promote meaningful FUNCTION in classes by offering to model creative adaptations of dance moves. She has [...]

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Congratulations to the entire CCDC volunteer team for being December’s Volunteers of the Month!

The volunteer team at Creative Children’s Dance Centre has many of our newest volunteers who have only been working together for 8 weeks, but you wouldn’t know it walking into a Sunday morning class! The CCDC team has quickly built a FUN, welcoming community for our dancers! Each volunteer has gone the distance to get [...]

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Congratulations Natasha on being November’s Volunteer of the Month!

Natasha jumped back into volunteering with the Dance Ability Movement this year with a bang! She has brought such a FUN energy into all of her classes, role modeling how to not only be active, but have a great time doing it too. Being such a kind person, Natasha makes the time to build FRIENDships [...]

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Meet Our First Team of DAM Dance Ambassadors!

We are excited to introduce our first team of DAM Dance Ambassadors to our community! A Dance Ambassador is a senior dancer who has been with the Dance Ability Movement for multiple years and has shown a strong interest in gaining leadership experience within the dance community. They participate in a year-long leadership training program [...]

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Congratulations Emily Goodson on being October’s Volunteer of the Month!

Emily has been a long-time member of our Alliston FAMILY at The Dance Workshop. She has developed so much as a leader and has taken on so many different roles within our team that has made our FUTURE even more representative of our inclusive community. Emily works closely with the dancers in the class and [...]

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Congratulations Annie Yang on being September’s Volunteer of the Month!

Annie joined the Dance Ability Movement this year and has been such a great addition to our volunteer team. Annie makes Friends with all the Dancers she works with and learns everyone's names and interests on day one. She then works hard to incorporate this information into class to make dance more Fun! Wherever Annie [...]

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Congratulations Saba Malik on being the July Volunteer of the Month!

Saba began volunteering with us at our Mississauga location, June Lawrence School of Dance, in-person and has continued to be a part of the larger DAM team for our online classes! She brings a great understanding and appreciation of differences and uses her calm and patient nature to connect with each dance buddy, allowing them [...]

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