The volunteer team at Creative Children’s Dance Centre has many of our newest volunteers who have only been working together for 8 weeks, but you wouldn’t know it walking into a Sunday morning class! The CCDC team has quickly built a FUN, welcoming community for our dancers! Each volunteer has gone the distance to get to know their dance buddies and build lasting FRIENDSHIPS — we have heard from our families that their dancers talk about their dance buddies all week and can’t wait to get back to dance class! The team works so smoothly together and with FAMILIES to support every dancer individually and as a group!

THANK YOU, Brynn, Evelyn, Ruby, Stirling, Serena & Siobhan (& Paisley & Erin for being available to sub!) for going above and beyond as our newest team during our fall session! We appreciate everything you do to support inclusive communities and the FUTURE of The Dance Ability Movement at CCDC!