Amy was nominated by one of our DAM instructors for going above and beyond. She came to us through a school program where she is working on learning more about how dance and Occupational Therapy (OT) can come together to spread inclusion to more places.

Her FUTURE as an OT has given her a unique perspective coming into our program. She is able to work with instructors and other volunteers to support current and new programs to keep dancers moving and to specifically target movement goals. Amy has shown great initiative in classes, jumping in with feedback and activities to keep dancers moving. Her activities are rooted in FITNESS and get everyone’s heart rate moving in a way that is accessible to all dancers.

Further, Amy understands that each dancer FUNCTIONS different and is able to keep everyone moving in a fun and safe way. She adapts her language to be accessible to all and to push our dancers to achieve their goals.

Finally, she brings such FUN into all of the classes she helps with. Amy is always smiling and bringing positive energy to our classes and dancers through the virtual platform. She is such a positive role model and we are so lucky to have her as a part of our programs.

Amy, we are so grateful to have you volunteering with us! Thank you for all you do in making dreams come true.