The birthday girls and their family dancing together and having fun!

Just because we’re self-isolating doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate the birthdays that are happening! With a little bit of creativity, we can still bring families and friends together to celebrate your birthday with lots of dance and fun!

Although the Covid-19 outbreak has presented new challenges in the last year, Cindy, one of our dancers’ mom, wanted to do something special for her twin daughters’ birthday. However, she was trying to figure out ways to include her girls’ friends in the celebration, so they could have fun even under the lockdown. When Cindy found out The Dance Ability Movement offers virtual dance workshops, she thought throwing a dance party could be a great option!

“Cindy reached out to me asking if we could run a virtual dance party to celebrate her daughters’ birthday. I immediately said we were totally in”, said Jade Ryan, The Dance Ability Movement Director of Inclusion & Operations. “Making dancing dreams come true is what inspires us to create memorable experiences for our dancers, and leading a virtual birthday party for Ella and Charlotte would be even more special”.

Princess Nicole ran the virtual party!

Since Christmas is the season when the twin sisters celebrate their birthday and they love dancing, Cindy came up with the idea of a Nutcracker themed dance party. So, the DAM team carefully planned each detail of the party with Cindy to create a magical experience for Ella, Charlotte and all their family and friends. Nicole Teplin, the girls’ dance teacher, ran the event and even dressed up to get into the Nutcracker spirit! “I wore a gown and crown to become princess Nicole! After watching a video clip of the Nutcracker Ballet, we warmed our bodies like the different characters from the story. Then, the group “travelled” to the Land of Sweets and the Land of Snow and participated in dance activities related to each location! It was really special!”, said Nicole.

Another important aspect of making a virtual dance party a unique experience is to ensure everyone feels welcome and included. “The DAM team knew how to get the kids involved and made them feel special, even when a couple of them weren’t fully participating, which allowed me to enjoy and have fun with my girls,” added Cindy.

Time to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and blow the candles!

The best part of throwing a virtual party is that anyone around the world can join in the fun. Cindy invited cousins from Australia and Vancouver plus friends from all over Ontario, and was really happy to see other families dancing with their kids and having such a fun time letting loose. And when we asked Cindy whether the birthday girls had liked their party, she said Ella and Charlotte had a ball! “Having their teachers from The Dance Ability Movement lead the party really made it extra special.  Charlotte was screaming with glee and Ella asked for more near the end of the party.  They both loved the silly winter-themed dances and spotlighting of course”.

Thank you, Cindy, for trusting our team to create such a special experience for your family and friends!

Do you want to create a memorable experience for your loved ones too?

We can help you throw a virtual dance birthday party with all the magic and memories you cherish! And don’t worry if you are not tech-savvy! We set up your party in Zoom Meetings and run it for you!


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