Dylan ready for the competition!

At the Dance Ability Movement, we believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities to shine and thrive through dance! Therefore, we encourage our dancers to follow their hearts and make their dancing dreams come true!

Dylan Abbott, one of our Hip Hop dancers and volunteers at the Dance Workshop in Alliston, is living proof of what you can accomplish with hard work, passion and determination. Since Dylan’s first day at the teens’ Hip-Hop class, his passion for music and movement was clear. He was so enthusiastic about dance that he naturally started to help new dancers who joined his class, and after a few seasons eventually asked us to join our volunteer team in Alliston.

His passion for dance has grown stronger over the years and has driven Dylan to seek new opportunities to share his talent with our community. “Dylan has represented The Dance Ability Movement at several community information fairs and events”, says Jade Ryan, The Dance Ability Movement Director of Inclusion & Operations. “He loves to share his talent and passion with others so they can discover their inner dancer too”.

In October last year, Dylan took a step further and participated in the Elevation Dance Challenge. Miss Colleen, Studio Owner and dance instructor at the Dance Workshop, created a Hip Hop solo for him. “Dylan loves to dance and I wanted the choreography to be something he could have fun with”, says Miss Colleen. “Dylan offered a lot of suggestions many of which ended up in the final product”.

Dylan’s solo blew the judges and audience away, earning him Second Place Senior Novice Solo! If you want to see his performance, watch the video below. Make sure you turn your sound on, and get ready to enjoy his great moves!

There is no doubt that Dylan is a talented dancer and knows what he wants for his future. However, his family support has played a significant role in Dylan’s dance journey. “We are always open to Dylan going as far as he is comfortable with and he’s not shy on stage”, says, Lee Abbott, Dylan’s mom. “He definitely loves being the centre of attention”.

We are so proud of everything you have accomplished, Dylan! Continue to shoot for the stars!