We are excited to introduce our first team of DAM Dance Ambassadors to our community! A Dance Ambassador is a senior dancer who has been with the Dance Ability Movement for multiple years and has shown a strong interest in gaining leadership experience within the dance community. They participate in a year-long leadership training program led by Miss Emma, while also taking on various roles within dance classes and the greater DAM community.

As an Occupational Therapist, Miss Emma works with the team to set both group and individual goals that reflect how our Ambassadors hope to have an impact on our community. Then, they work together to determine how they can meet those goals – this may involve professional development opportunities to work on specific leadership skills, or finding the best fit in terms of classes or events based on the Ambassador’s strengths and interests.

“Our DAM Dance Ambassadors have already been busy this year volunteering in classes, planning theme weeks, creating the DAM Birthday Dance, and participating in community outreach and advocacy opportunities” celebrates Miss Emma. “We can’t wait to see what they accomplish over the rest of the year!”

Continue reading to learn a bit more about our Ambassador team!

What do you love about dance and The Dance Ability Movement?

Dylan: “Dance gets you moving, is very energetic, and is a great way to make friends”

Julia: “I love to dance because it’s passion and magic, and we get to have fun and enjoy ourselves”

Shannon: “I love DAM because I’ve been doing it for 4 years, and it’s a lot of fun dancing and getting to meet new friends”

Sherry: “I fell in love with competitive dancing and was excited to find Performance Crew through DAM; having an inclusive community where everybody is capable and having that message taught to everybody is something I am very grateful for!”

Do you have a favourite dance style?

Dylan: “Hip hop”

Julia: “Everything! Hip hop, ballet, jazz, salsa…”

Shannon: “Several, but hip hop and jazz mostly”

Sherry: “Lyrical”

What are you excited about doing as a DAM Ambassador?

Dylan: “Being a leader and getting to help others in dance classes”

Julia: “To have fun and see everyone smiling in dance classes”

Shannon: “It’s nice to help out other dancers by being an ambassador”
Sherry: “Doing community outreach to share my own experience and how dance has helped me”

What do you enjoy about volunteering in classes?

Dylan: “Getting to partner up with a dance buddy and helping them learn the new dance moves that the dance teacher gives us that day”

Julia: “Seeing everyone dance together as a group, and working as a team with the instructors, volunteers, and other ambassadors”

Shannon: “Showing dancers how to do new steps, and being on a team with the instructors”

Sherry: “Learning how to work with kids and finding out what drives them to know how to support them”

What are your strengths as a leader?

Dylan: “I’m good at giving suggestions for how to try new steps, and bringing lots of energy to the group!”

Julia: “Being confident and encouraging, giving dancers lots of praise and making people happy”
Shannon: “Leading dancer, being confident, being observant and noticing others”

Sherry: “Being a very good communicator and advocate”

Thank you, Dylan, Julia, Shannon & Sherry for the passion and energy you bring to our dance community!