Reese has been such a big part of our in-person and now virtual JCB volunteer team and has made a truly special connection with his buddy. Reese’s buddy took it upon themself to nominate him, highlighting how FUN it is to be able to dance together and how great he is to spend time with. Connections like these are hard to come by and we are so happy when our volunteers are able to make such an impact on our dancers.

Throughout his time with the Dance Ability Movement, Reese has shown the power of our dance buddies. Every time Reese and his buddy are able to connect it is special. He has become a FRIEND and it makes the dance community more inclusive and engaging for everyone in the class. Reese’s hard work is setting up the FUTURE for success, as his buddy is building confidence and learning new dance moves so well.

Reese understands that each dancer FUNCTIONS different and supports his buddy exploring dance in their own way. Reese is mature beyond his years and our community is so lucky to have him.

Thank you, Reese, for all of your hard work and for making dance more fun for all!