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Weekly dance classes will be facilitated on Zoom by one of our team members, and taught by our qualified instructors. All classes are inclusive and seated adaptations will be modelled.

  • Classes start the week of July 6th and run for 8 weeks until the end of August;
  • Tuition fees, special discounts and class schedules are available in the 2020 Virtual Summer Classes;
  • Students can sign-up for multiple classes.  Classes are not studio specific, but you will see the instructor’s name listed in case your dancer is looking forward to seeing a familiar face.  Mallory and/or Jade will be involved in each class in some capacity too;
  • We are only offering classes to dancers who have been registered with The Dance Ability Movement previously;
  • Online registration will be open on FRIDAY, JUNE 26th through the Parent Portal.

Please note classes are being offered at a reduced rate during this time as we navigate our first online season. If we have to continue running virtual classes in the Fall, prices may be reviewed to support business operations.

NEW – Private Lessons with Miss Jade!

Students can also sign-up for 30-minute virtual private sessions with Miss Jade. Sessions will be tailored to your individual needs.

This is a great opportunity for you to improve your dance technique, rhythm, endurance, strength or anything else you would like to learn. Miss Jade will book an initial consult to understand what your needs are and customize the sessions for you to thrive!

Dates and time slots are also available in the Parent Portal. Click on the “More” tab and select “Private Lessons & Appointments”

If you have any questions about our Virtual Summer Classes, please contact us via email:

Experience the collective joy of dance this Summer!