The most important part of volunteering is having FUN! When Julia is in the studio with the dancers, you can tell by her smile and energy that she truly LOVES to be there, which makes it fun for everyone around her. She can also be found greeting parents in the lobby and connecting with dancers of all ages – which we so greatly appreciate!

Julia is extremely helpful. She makes an effort to go above and beyond to ensure that, not only her buddy but all dancers are having the best possible experience in class. Julia exemplifies a true inclusive mindset when it comes to meeting the individual needs of each dancer.

Julia was nominated by the dance teacher, the OT and a dancer’s mom. “I am really able to see Julia’s interactions with Jodi first hand while we participate in the Fit & Fun class and super appreciate the help she offers Jodi”, says Rita, Jodi’s mom.

Congratulations Julia! Your hard work and dedication serve as a fantastic example of how we really couldn’t run our programs without our amazing volunteers.