More than connecting with our dancers, our volunteers play an important role in inspiring and helping them participate in our dance program to the best of their abilities. As a way to recognize our volunteers’ efforts and show how much we appreciate them, every year we run our Volunteer Commitment Appreciation Award.

The award is presented to a volunteer who has demonstrated dependability in their volunteer role and a long-standing commitment to The Dance Ability Movement, contributing multiple years of service to the program. Recipients are committed to promoting inclusion and demonstrating the values of The Dance Ability Movement.

Please join us in congratulating and giving a big shout-out to our 2020-2021 award recipients!

Here is an interview with some of our 2020-2021 award recipients about their experience with The Dance Ability Movement!

DAM – How was your experience with DAM?

Eirini – My experience with DAM has been an unforgettable experience. Everyone is so kind, caring and they are like a second family to me.

Meghan – My experience with the Dance Ability Movement has been amazing. I have met so many new people and have learned so much. It has been the highlight of my week to come to class every Sunday and dance.

Neha – Throughout my years, I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering in the June Lawrence Studio in Mississauga/Oakville. It started with a fun way of getting hours for high school but turned into a huge part of my life. I would look forward to Sundays where I got to dance and spend time with others who shared the same interest. The dancers have taught me so much and never fail to make me smile. Although I completed 40 hours well over 5 years ago, I wanted to continue to be a part of this wonderful group of people.

Siena – The past 5 years with DAM have been very memorable and rewarding for me. I have been able to connect with so many amazing dancers and their families, as well as my fellow volunteers. Particularly, I have bonded with my various buddies over the years and enjoy watching them grow.

DAM – What was the most important thing you have learned while volunteering with us?

Eirini – I think the most important thing I have learned while volunteering with DAM is to look on the bright side. All the dancers, teachers and other volunteers have shown me the positive side especially with COVID going on the past year.

Meghan I have learned how to communicate better and talk with young children. I am not very good at talking with people my own age so this was a great opportunity for me to meet new people both my own age and younger. Thank you so much for the honor of dancing with you all.

Neha While volunteering, I came to learn multiple different things. I began very confused and looking back, I am glad to say I was able to grow as a volunteer. I’ve especially learned that everyone learns and grows differently and that the only thing that is important is that you have fun and be yourself. It has been such an amazing journey these past couple of years and I cannot wait to see what else I get to learn and try in the future.

Siena – DAM taught me the importance of communication. I learned how to communicate with children that have disabilities in order to make their experience more fun. I was able to form strong bonds with my buddies and adapt each class to their unique needs due to my ability to communicate with them on a personal level. This also allowed me to become more flexible with how I approach new situations and communicate with those different from myself.

We are so grateful for your commitment to making dancing dreams come true and for helping us build this wonderful dance community!