Every year, the World Federation of Occupational Therapists creates a campaign to celebrate World Occupational Therapy Day, which takes place on October 27th. The 2020 campaign theme is ‘Reimagine Doing’ and the main goal is to celebrate the expertise of occupational therapy for reimagining participation in occupations that provide value and meaning to everyday life.

To join this global initiative, we’ve invited our Occupational Therapists to share with us how they’ve been reimagining participation in occupations throughout their careers. They have also answered other questions so our dancers can get to know our OTs better!

Starting today until the end of October, we will be posting their interviews here. Today’s interview is with Miss Emma!

We hope you enjoy it!

How you’ve been reimagining participation in occupations throughout your career?

I frequently remind myself that everything is progress—learning that a strategy doesn’t work is just as valuable as learning that something does, because there are infinite ways to participate in any one occupation. I think recognizing this is something OT’s do best!

More About Miss Emma

What I like most about being an OT is getting to learn so much from the clients and families I work with: what’s most meaningful to them, how I can be more inclusive and accessible in the services I provide, and how to be creative in removing barriers to participation.

I’ve joined the Dance Ability Movement because I get to combine two of the most important things in my life: dance and OT, and I get to be a part of the most wonderful community that believes in sharing dance and joy with everyone! Also, Dance Ability Movement dance parties are the best dance parties.

I am excited to dance because I am truly happiest when I’m dancing; if I’m not dancing, I feel like something huge is missing in my life! And I’m so excited to dance with both new and familiar faces this season!

I want to learn how to ballroom dance!

My favourite music/song is acoustic music and musicals!

Something that makes me happy is being outside, especially right now!

A special message to our DAM community: I have been so amazed (although not surprised) by the strength and connection within our community over the last 8 months. I hope we always remember how dance brings us together and helps us through wild times!